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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I enjoyed the 120 Year celebration including the most unusual communion service that celebrated world wide communion Sunday. I got to eat a nice piece of pumpernickel for the bread and had my choice of intinction or the wine cup. The catered meal and program was great because both Jimmielee Payne and Lois Garrett joined us. The program by Rev. Bennett on the history, the special music by the choir and the singing by everyone with the children were all great. I missed a lot of people including Hollis Shults, who couldn't come due to physical problems. Lou didn't feel up to it either.

Rev. Senkel reported that Del Pope is in Abilene Regional with congestive heart failure problems. Hollis had biopsies taken from his kidneys that are not functioning properly and is waiting for the results. He may have to start dialysis. Jim also said for the church building committee to be ready to hear from contractors soon. As of today he hasn't announced a meeting yet.



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