News and views of the First United Methodist Church in Cross Plains, Texas

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I spent last week in Springfield, MO where Lou was attending the Western Writers of America annual meeting and I really wanted to know the news back home about how the new pastor was being received and the building progress. I checked the blog but no posts. Our new pastor has been added to those who can post without my approval, but in moving she doesn't have internet access. Today they will be installing a DSL line in the parsonage, but I will bet she has at least 2000 messages backed up on her computer.

So how did I get the news? I got a haircut Tuesday and Ray Purvis, the barber and mayor, gave me an update. He reported that a Presybterian, Bill Young, told him he was pleasantly surprised at a woman who could not only preach a great sermon, but then sing in the choir. I was also informed that her husband Mike was a college professor who teaches over the internet. I had turned at the corner of 880 and Main and it looked like the foundation was being completed but Ray said that the center section hadn't been poured. He also commented that the new pastor had already visited his father-in-law, Jimmielee Payne and that he was very pleased with her.

Last night at the Finance and Administrative Council meetings I also got to meet the new pastor and am delighted that she plans to attend an Academy being held in July at McMurry University. She has never been to Abilene, much less McMurry so it will be an education for her. I can relate to her telling me that when she was told she would come to Cross Plains, she said "where's that?". When told it was between Abilene and Brownwood she wanted to know where they were. When I graduated from college in 1948 at Oklahoma A&M College I hired out at a company in Tulsa who said they had an opening for a roustabout in Levelland. I told them I had never heard of the place and when they said it is 30 miles west of Lubbock they had to get a map out to show me where that was.

I know that Tim and Beth are keeping up with us through the blog so I will have to tell Tim that Melanie was working and couldn't make the AC meeting and I had to chair it. I will be glad when he is back to take care of things. I will email the minutes of the AC when Arlene gets them to me. I want to thank her for doing my secretary job.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I talked to David Beard today and he reported that the first concrete pour is scheduled for tomorrow and each Thursday for the next 3 weeks. The steel building is due to be delivered sometime this month, so we will see a lot of progress in a hurry. Keep praying for successful building.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Today I received a letter from Bishop Chamness in answer to my protesting the UMC policy of having pastors not contacting their former churches. I had included a copy of an email from Rev. Friend explaining how she was harassed by a pastor in her first church appoinment, but has cooperated with her current former pastor. The Bishop commented favorably on her email and he believes our church will be well served by Rev. Friend. I still hope that the Council of Bishops will alter their policy to encourage pastors to practice love for one another and feel free to join any church they wish when they retire and for former pastors to cooperate to serve every church member. I still contend Thou Shalt love each other trumps any Thou Shalt Not.

Our annual conference starts this week and most all annual conferences will be held this month. Pray for our pastors and our lay member, Carol Bennett and pray for all the Bishops who make policy for our church.