News and views of the First United Methodist Church in Cross Plains, Texas

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Watch the handbell choir start with a demo!

Back a few weeks ago we had some fun with the Malmark representative Karen E. who came to show us the Malmark set of handbells and handchimes. If we buy the Malmarks it's going to cost around six grand (of which we are raising money and have most of it raised) to start a choir with two octaves of handbells but it will be worth it when we are all ringing together.
Great fun was had by all! Watch out when THIS choir gets started!

Rhonda & Mandi

Good morning to all! I heard from Rhonda and Mandi last night as they arrived in Tahoe. They have made it (safely), and both took in a worship service last night. They found a friend of mine, Rev. Allen G. from China Springs UMC who is attending the Christian Educators part of the seminar.
Mandi sent me these lovely pictures from their hotel room. First you'll see Hoover Dam, then the Grand Canyon, and at the bottom (hopefully) you'll see the view from their room. Mandi took these with her phone while they were traveling. Hopefully Rhonda was driving or stopped when they took the shots!
Rhonda will be in the seminar all week and Mandi will be hanging out attending the worship at night.
It will be wonderful to see all they have learned this week and grown in their discipleship through this experience!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Up Goes The Steeple

Yesterday morning several of us gathered on the lawn of the church to watch the installation of the steeple. Something about having the steeple on the building changed how I feel about it. I never saw the old church, never worshiped in it, and my first 'view' of the new church was a set of building plans and a pile of dirt.
I've watched the building go up and I know in my head it's a church. We've worshiped in the sanctuary (once) and I've walked thru the building almost every day, praying for us, the building, the community and the workers but something about having the steeple on the building really spoke volumes to my heart - it's a church and it's our church.
Last night I could see the steeple from my backyard, this morning I could see the steeple in the dark from my porch. What a neat thing - can't wait until more is done!

Enjoy the pictures! I have a video of the complete installation if you want to borrow it, but here is a sample clip or two.