News and views of the First United Methodist Church in Cross Plains, Texas

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Arlene Stephenson asked me to copy this to our blob. There is a great photo on the link blog.

Funerals, Food and Family

Tip #4 - Funerals, Food and Family

My family is from a small town in West Texas – Cross Plains, but I have spent most of my life is San Antonio! In the last few years I have attended many funerals in both cities. Last week, I drove to Cross Plains for another funeral and I started thinking about the huge difference in funerals between a small town and big city.

In San Antonio, everyone ascends upon the closest family members home and everyone brings a mixed matched casserole.

While in Cross Plains, the ladies of the First Methodist Church came together and make a homemade meal for the family in the churches banquet facility.

The menu was wonderful – slow smoked brisket from a local smoke house, lasagna, salad bar, and bread. But the best, was the made from scratch desserts! Peach cobbler, cookies, cakes, pies, and who knew cherry enchiladas (see similar recipe below)! It was so nice to have the local church put everything together for the family. We were able to sit around eat, talk about the old times, and actually laugh with each other. I am not saying I look forward to funerals, but it is nice to see everyone and catch up.