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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I got this email from Dick Thrasher today:

Some of you have seen this thing, as have I.
The times Scott gave were Eastern so it will be 1 hour earlier here.
The people who made this were anti nuke types so they made it look much worse than it was.

(This was the email that he received)

Subject: Re: Lost Nuke on National Geographic Channel in the US

Sgt. Thrasher,

Did someone tell you about this? I found out about it at the last minute.
A new version of Lost Nuke first aired last night in the US.

I saw it and National Geographic Channel reworked the program and took out some of the things I thought were stupid. It's still stupid but better.

Dick Thrasher now comes off as the main survivor interviewed. They go back to you 3 or 4 times while Whitfield gets 1 or 2.

If you didn't see it here are the dates given:

Tuesday 24 Feb at 21:00 9 pm
Wednesday 25 Feb at 00:00 12 am

Sunday 1 March at 11:00 11 am

Tuesday 3 March at 17:00 5 pm All times are Eastern time

Best wishes,