News and views of the First United Methodist Church in Cross Plains, Texas

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whoops forgot the beam pictures

And when you finish checking out the beam pictures, you might want to navigate over to www.onemanshow.org and look over Rev. Mark Winters Jubilee pages - don't forget our Revival on September 9, 10 & 11th!

Grass and Beams

Yesterday was a exciting day! In the midst of the heat the parsonage received a spay-on of the long awaited Hydro-Mulch! And how nice of God to send us just the right amount of rain for a shower in the later evening. Just enough to wet the new grass but not enough to kill it!
It was fun to watch the transformation from brown sand to green!

Tom A, Tom S. Judy P. Mike and I went to work yesterday morning pulling weeds and grass burns before the gentlemen sprayed the yard. He was very careful to spray exactly where we asked him! Enjoy the pictures and thanks to all those who have helped (and will be helping with the watering!).

Today was an even bigger day (well, my dogs would argue the grass was a big deal) we started seeing steel beams rise for our church walls! As we watch this vertical movement, let us not forget to lift to the kingdom of heaven those who are in need of the shelter and love God's kingdom offers..

It's truly a exciting time, for all of us, as we dream and plan for our future. I'm looking forward to a time when we all gather around the concrete and beams and write our prayers and scriptures on these beams and concrete, which will be covered by walls & flooring. Make sure you watch the emails and posts for when that time will be and be thinking of what you want to say!

God's peace be in all of you!


Thursday, July 19, 2007


In the oil patch we had a term that applies to our building construction. WOC meant Waiting On Concrete. When you drill a well that has promising pay your next step is to line the production hole with casing. The casing is lowered into place and cement is then pumped down and comes back up the outside to bond the steel casing to the rock lining the well bore. At this juncture no more work can be done until the cement has had time to harden.

We have poured the final section of the concrete foundation on our building and must now wait for the concrete to harden enough to permit equipment to work on the surface. To reach maximum strength takes 24 days, but the concrete has sufficient strength to permit working on it in 10 days. So soon we will see cranes lifting the steel beams in place and the structure taking form that is more inspiring to our eyes. So lift up your eyes to heaven in thanksgiving. Our contractor tells Tom Adams that he is under budget at the present time. Let us pray that that continues.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And What To My Wondering Eyes Did Appear...

But two big 'old trucks with BEAMS in the rear!

Yes, this morning, as I was making coffee, trucks went past my house. Not just any trucks, but trucks with large beams - construction beams!

Barney, Betsy, Mike and I went walking to investigate and found two trucks had arrived. Today we should see the start of something vertical!

Very exciting! God is good to us!

Dear friends, keep foremost in your mind, prayers for the church. Not only do we need a building for us to worship in but we need a place where those who are non-Christian or marginal Christians can come and find people open to helping them take the 'next step' in faith - whatever that step may be!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

-Margaret, your Friendly pastor!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

After the rain

Well, this is my first 'official' entry to the blog, Mike and I have been in CP for almost three weeks. It's rained almost three weeks, which has delayed some things like the yard and the foundation on the church, but almost everyone's ponds are full and most people got their hay in before the storms. We have much to be thankful for!

I have a million thank you notes to get out! People have been so kind and gracious - and fed us till we can eat no more! It's not just the food we enjoy though; it's the will-do, can-do attitude. Face it, you're just exceptional people! Intelligent, fun, and serious about your faith!

Cross Plains FUMC is not the place for 'church lite' but a place where people are earnestly seeking the 'next step' in faith. It's an interesting place to be, and I feel honored to be the pastor. Like I've said a few times, I'm not sure what I did to get this premo appointment, but I'm pretty happy about it. (Mike is too!)

Here are a few pictures from the latest 'pour'. Q. How many contractors does it take to pour a sanctuary floor? A. Plenty and some BIG trucks too!

Well, time to run to Sunday Night Bible Study - more people should come to this - Phyllis is really good!
TTFN! - Margaret