News and views of the First United Methodist Church in Cross Plains, Texas

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here are some photos taken by Amanda Sowell of our new church site. Clay dirt, furnished free by the city, is being hauled in for the base. It is so nice to see progress.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Rev. Helen Brock will not be coming to Cross Plains in June. She is getting married soon and wants to move to the Tyler area. We should know who our new minister will be by April 20th. I will post it when I know who it is.

Also on Sunday April 22 after church, Rev. Jim Olney, our District Superintendent, will be holding a ground breaking ceremony on the grounds of our new church building. Please put that date on your calendar and attend this momentous occasion. We are excited to finally be starting our building process.

The Glory Bees had a wonderful program in April. Rhonda Swift brought the Holy Week message. We were talking about serving each other. This was demonstrated by each of us "washing" another's feet. We all got a "goody bag" with a small towel, pedicure slippers, bookmark, and gum. It was a very moving time. In the above photos are Jane and Marie Bessalaar and Connie Swift and Vickie Walker.Then Rhonda presented a power point presentation of Jesus' life from His birth to His resurrection. Amanda Sowell helped her with the refreshments (which were delicious). There were 21 women there. We meet the first Wednesday night of each month at 7pm in the basement of the Presbyterian Church. All women are invited to attend. You will have a great time of fellowship.

Friday, April 06, 2007


For the first time in many years Lou and I are not attending the Texas Folklore Society that meets the weekend before Easter. Therefore I got to attend my first Maundy Thursday service. This was after the Kiwanis pancake supper that should never have been scheduled on Maundy Thursday. Its a good thing that Richard Chaffin isn't here to see Holy Week being defiled. But he would have been proud to see me in church. I learned some new things. I wasn't familiar with the "stripping" part of the service. Also I don't think that Christ took communion by intinction, but I am really old fashioned. I still think communion bread should be tortillas because it is unleavened bread required for a seder meal. I am apologetic that I will miss the service tonight. But hopefully, the Lord willing, I will make Easter service.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Today our worship committee started the Holy week with a special celebration with our congregation beginning the service on the front steps enjoying the sunshine after rain that we have been praying for came this week. The congregation marched into the sanctuary waving palm branches. The week celebrated the signing of our contract for the church building on Monday with a front page photo and wonderful story by Arlene Stephenson in the Cross Plains Review. Tom Adams told me that the Trustees have accepted the parsonage and now have to build a fence as required by the DS, build a driveway and work on the landscaping.

Carol Bennett asked for others to accompany her to the special Easter service at the Pioneer Baptist church in Abilene. Judy Porter then announced that the District Superintendent has appointed a new pastor for us beginning June 18. Rev. Helen Brock is now in the Waco District, but in 96-98 served the Rising Star/ May circuit. She has two Master's degrees, one from Perkins and has been a pastor for 20 years.

Rev. Senkel returned safely with Janice from delivering baby furniture to their expecting daughter in South Dakota and missed the snow. They are looking forward to becoming grandparents.

We had a large increase in attendance today and Rhonda promises surprises for the women meeting Wednesday, a special Maundy Service on Thursday at 6:30, and the Good Friday service will be at 8:30 with a great Easter service. Our worship committee and choir are the best. Today Lou couldn't come to church and for the first time watched the Abilene St. Paul services on TV. She came away saying we had a lot better music program here in Cross Plains. The Lord has blessed us with rain and a great church service. Hallelujah!